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In the UK thrombosis (blood clots) kills more people each year than breast cancer, motor vehicle accidents and AIDS combined.

Anticoagulation UK is dedicated to the prevention of thrombosis, raising awareness of the risk of blood clots and how to help prevent them. We rely on the generosity of people like you to help us achieve our mission. Your support really makes a difference.

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By providing information we aim to raise awareness of the risk of blood clots and how to help prevent them.

Your support is critical to our success and through your generosity we are able to fulfil our mission.

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Your Donation Saves Lives

Making a donation can help ACUK continue to work towards raising awareness of thrombosis and supporting people who have suffered from blood clots, or are at risk of them, and need anticoagulation therapy either short or long term. We understand how being at risk of a blood clot or having suffered with a clot can affect an individual, their family and loved ones – ACUK wants to provide the on going support and information to help those affected, and to ensure that there is the best provision and quality of care available to them.

Other Ways to Donate

Donate a Gift by Post to Anticoagulation UK

DonateBy Post

Send cheques made payable to:

Anticoagulation UK
PO Box 405

DonateIn Memory of Others

We all know how difficult it is when we lose a loved one. One way in which we can acknowledge their passing is a positive way is to make a donation in memoriam, often this will be in lieu of flowers.

If you are making funeral arrangements, you need to provide your funeral director with contact information for the charity and details of how to donate can be included in the order of service. Some people now chose to set up an In memory fundraising page on facebook to share funeral arrangements and charity of choice for donations. If you decide to donate to ACUK, please get in touch or ask your funeral director to contact us and we can provide information about the charity for referencing purposes.

We know how important it is to acknowledge any donations made in memory of others. We can respond to individual donors to thank them personally if we have their contact details. We will send a thank you letter to the deceased representatives approximately 3-4 months after the funeral showing the total of the donations received which can then be shared with friends and family. ACUK can also acknowledge the passing of the person in their magazine and on the website if this meets with the family’s wishes.

For more information email:

Donate a Gift in Memory to Anticoagulation UK
Donate a Gift in your Will to Anticoagulation UK

DonateA Gift in your Will

Many people chose to remember their favourite charities by leaving a gift in their will. If you plan to make a new will, then all you need to do is include the Anticoagulation UK name, address:

(PO Box 405, Bromley, BR2 9WP)

and registered charity number:


stating the amount.

If you want to leave a gift to ACUK but have already made a will, the simpliest way is to add a codicil document which includes a simple amendment or addition.

For further information about this go to

Donate a Gift as you Earn to Anticoagulation UK

DonateAs you Earn

Want to make a regular tax efficient donation through your salary, then ask your employer if they operate a payroll giving scheme and simply donate a sum each month to be taken directly from you salary.

The benefits here are for every £1.00 you pledge, you actually only pay £0.78p due to efficient tax saving.

DonateAs you Live

Raise free funds for charity just by shopping on line at no cost to you! Over 4000 shops to choose from.

Find out more at: Give as you Live

Donate a Gift as you Live to Anticoagulation UK
Donate Gift Aid to Anticoagulation UK

DonateGift Aid

Gift Aid gives us an extra £0.25p for every £1 you donate.

Gift Aid is an income tax relief designed to benefit charities. If you're a UK taxpayer, Gift Aid increases the value of your charity donations by 25% because the charity can reclaim the basic rate of tax on your gift at no extra cost to you.

DonateBy Phone

Call us on 0208 2896875 to talk through options on how to donate or get assistance.

Donate by Phone to Anticoagulation UK