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We need to help you help us in raising valuable funds
to assist us in the continuance of our work.

Fundraising comes in all shapes and sizes, running marathons, baking cakes, shaking buckets outside supermarkets – little or large, by engaging others along the way makes it rewarding and motivational.

Fundraising is fun when you do something that interests you so if you are looking for inspiration, firstly take a look at yourself, what you enjoy doing and how you can share it with others.

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It's simple to fundraise for Anticoagulation UK. Just create a donation page with your preferred fundraising platform, select your event and get fundraising – it’s really that easy.

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If you have a fund raising idea and would like some help in organising it then send us an email:

Helen and Guy complete their trip and raise funds for ACUK

Helen has suffered 4 blood clots and both her and her partner Guy believe that awareness is the key to prevention. Despite having post thrombotic syndrome, Helen is lucky enough to have recovered from the blood clots, many do not. Blood clots can affect anyone, they don’t discriminate.

Guy and Helen were looking forward to the trip of a lifetime driving Route 66 in America this month to raise money for Anticoagulation UK. Determined not to be stopped by the corona virus they decided to get moving and have a virtual trip walking and cycling Route 66 (nearly 2,500 miles). They worked out that they would need to cover approx 35 miles per week each to get to their destination!

Well congratulations and thanks are due to them both because they have completed their virtual trip and raised over £1,400 for ACUK.

Thanks to everyone who supported them.

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Organise a sponsored walk/run in your area, perhaps around a local beauty spot or park. Involve your community, inviting family, friends, children and even dog walkers to participate.

You will need to plan and advertise the event and ACUK can provide you with an information pack on how to get started. If you like to cycle, you may want to organise a cycle ride for your cycling buddies with a donation to take part.

Garage sales, bring and buy, shop and swop, craft sales – all are great ways to generate donations. Just decide on a date, organise a venue and you can either set up stalls/tables asking for a donation towards the space and donate an item for a raffle prize.

Raise free funds for our charity, just by shopping online with Give as You Live.

Simply register and shop from over 4,000 stores.

Like visiting the theatre, there are some great theatre clubs around who provide good deals for group bookings. Organise a trip to a favourite show for your friends and make it an event, prepare a goodie bag for attendees for a small donation.

Like hosting events at home, open your house for a coffee morning, tapas lunch or healthy brunch. Ask each person to bring a recipe or cake and collect donations along the way. Tea parties are very popular now… look for some of the exotic teas and have a tea tasting event, see how many teas people can recognise.

Work can be fun! Get your colleagues on board with fundraising, quizzes, table tennis rallies, open a tuck shop or perhaps organise lunchtime talks where colleagues share hobbies or special interests with colleagues paying a donation to attend.

Create a suggestion box for office based fundraising ideas, ‘no lift’ days, do the stairs, combine fun with healthy options. Team quiz nights, bowling and skipping or indoor golf events can help build relationships in the office while raising funds for a worthy cause.

Like to get out and about with like - minded people, then why not organise a treasure hunt either on foot, public transport or by car, putting couples of teams together to find the hidden treasure. Great fun for families too, individuals can enter by making a donation.

Nature walk, star spotting, seasonal spring walks, summer garden parties and marshmallow and chocolate autumnal parties can bring in the crowds.

Are you into drama, like magic, can sing, dance or play an instrument then why not gather your fellow musicians and actors around and organise a show inviting guests to attend. A small review in a church hall or community centre is an excellent way of interacting with friends and neighbours in your locality.

If you like to entertain at home, host a themed lunch or dinner, the more guests the merrier. Xmas jumper parties, Easter bonnet hats, Valentines chocolate and wine evenings, bring the event to life by getting your guests to dress for the occasion, think Come Dine with Me...

Host a blind tasting evening – prepare some cheese, wine and chocolate. Ask your guests to sample and then compare results. Simple to organise, great fun and friends will enjoy the gourmet experience.