Anticoagulation UK

28 June 2019

Urgent - Patient level recall

Patients asked to check if they have certain batches of the prescription-only medicine Clexane that are being recalled.

As a precautionary measure, patients taking certain types of the  prescription-only medicine Clexane for blood clots are asked to check to see if they have products from batches of medicines which are being recalled. If patients have any of these affected products, they should continue taking their medicines and contact their GP practice to arrange a new prescription. Once they have a new prescription, patients should return the affected batches to their pharmacist.

Patients can check their medicines by looking for the affected batch numbers on B & S Healthcare labelled packs. The affected medicines are in the original Italian packaging with the UK manufacturer’s, B & S Healthcare, label. This recall relates only to B & S Healthcare labelled products.

To check if you medication is affected, please visit the B & S Healthcare website and download the information pack

The information pack details the Batch Numbers affected and we have replicated the list below.

If you HAVE any medication that matches the batch numbers, please visit the B & S Healthcare website and download the information pack.

You are requested to complete and return the attached form whether or not you are currently in possession of any packs from the batches listed.

The form can be returned electronically to or posted to the following address;

B&S Healthcare
Unit 4, Bradfield Road, Ruislip, Middlesex, HA4 0NU