Anticoagulation UK

18 February 2020

Walking/Cycling Route 66 to create awareness of blood clotting

Helen Grantham and Guy Grantham are raising money for AntiCoagulation UK

Helen has suffered 4 blood clots and we both believe that awareness is the key to prevention. Despite having post thrombotic syndrome, Helen is lucky enough to have recovered from the blood clots, many do not. Blood clots can affect anyone, they don't discriminate. If you are dehydrated, don't move for long periods of time, have a blood disorder, are in hospital or if you smoke, you could be at risk. Anticoagulation UK provides invaluable resources to help people who have suffered blood clots and campaign tirelessly to get more awareness out there. Please help us support them - Guy and Helen are taking a trip of a lifetime and driving Route 66 this September and to raise money for Anticoagulation UK, we have also decided to get moving and walk/cycle Route 66 (nearly 2,500 miles) before our September trip. We have already started and worked out we need to cover approx. 35 miles per week each to get to our destination!

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