Anticoagulation UK

18 May 2020

Anticoagulation UK launch our new podcast series - Beyond the Blood Clot

We are proud to announce the launch of our podcast series Beyond the Blood Clot. The podcasts objectives are to provide educational and informative information for healthcare professionals (HCPs) and anyone who has suffered from, or is at risk of a thrombosis (blood clot) or has anticoagulation related health problems.

This podcast has been kindly supported by BMS/Pfizer Alliance. The sponsors had no involvement or input in the content, production or editing of this podcast.

The first podcast is hosted by Eve Knight, the co-founder and CEO of Anticoagulation UK, each episode will see a new topic discussed with leading experts in their field.

“We wanted to utilise technology to help support our mission of providing educational resources. The popularity of podcasts is growing rapidly. The fact that you can listen to a podcast virtually anywhere makes them very attractive, especially during these difficult times.”

Out now, Episode 1 ‘Anticoagulation and the Coronavirus’, Eve is joined by Helen Williams to answer some of the questions that we have been asked by people taking anticoagulant therapy about the virus.

Helen is a consultant pharmacist for cardiovascular disease, for Southeast London Clinical Commissioning Groups. She is also the clinical lead for atrial fibrillation for UCL Partners and has recently been appointed as a national specialty advisor for cardiovascular disease for NHS England.

Available across a wide variety of platforms, including YouTube, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, TuneInTuneIn and of course on our website, Beyond the Blood Clot provides access to quality information in a digestible format.”